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Envelove by LeekFish
Envelove returns from holiday hiatus Tuesday 1/17!

For the first time in nearly two years I'm even offering digital color commissions! Check out the link below for more information!
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Envelove by LeekFish

Hey all! As the title suggests, my shop is now having a Black Friday sale now through Monday- use coupon code ROCK at checkout for 40% off!


On top of the coupon there's also some leftover convention inventory for cheap (and buy 2 get 1 free deals) so there's a lot of affordable options!

For those of you with Twitter accounts, I'm also holding a mega art giveaway- follow and retweet the tweet linked below to enter!

Thanks everyone! Thankful for everyone I've been able to meet and share my art with over the years. :heart:
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Envelove by LeekFish

Hi guys! Been working on this comic project for a while now and it's finally ready to share! Envelove is a story of Aria, a courier fairy helping bring loved ones together. New pages will be posted on Tuesdays!

You can start reading here!

Secondly, I'm now accepting BronyCon Pre-Orders in my shop! Just select "BronyCon Pickup" at checkout and it'll remove the shipping cost. (You MUST be attending BronyCon and pick up your order, or it will be cancelled.) I'll be at Booth 121 this year! Last year we sold out of a lot of stuff, so this is a great way to ensure you don't miss out on something you want- and it'll all be pre-packaged up with your name on it too, so you don't have to wait! Plus, you can use coupon code MIKU for 10% off your entire purchase until 6/18 at midnight PST. We expect to have our full stock with us (both MLP and non-pony work) but quantities of the latter might be especially limited due to luggage space. 


Graduation by LeekFishMilkshakes by LeekFishMLP Issue 30 Phoenix Comics variant cover by LeekFish
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Hi all! Just a heads up, coupon code HONOKA is currently in effect in my shop until May 26th! It'll take 10% off your purchase. I recently added some new products to the shop, including all the items that were previously on pre-order (they're in stock now, yay!) 


New products include copies of my Phoenix Comics/Everfree Northwest exclusive variant cover of MLP issue 30, my Love Live wall scroll, and a large assortment of buttons and vinyl decals. <3

MLP Issue 30 Phoenix Comics variant cover by LeekFish Dream Together by LeekFish

Also I'll be at FanimeCon this week! I'll be in the Artist Alley at table 215!

FanimeCon Artist Alley #215 by LeekFish

Please come visit and say hello! <3
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Hi everyone! Couple of announcements~


First off, after lots of work I finally have my online shop ready to go! My entire stock of buttons and vinyl decals are there, and lots and lots of prints! (If you don't see one in particular you're looking for though, please let me know as I'm still adding more!) To celebrate, there's also a coupon code for just this week- use code WAIFU at checkout for 10% off! The code will expire this Sunday 3/27 at 11:59 pm PST. 
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Hi all!

Pardon my sporadic posting. Just giving a heads up that for a limited time I have commissions open- sketches, toned paper portraits, and Copic marker portraits are available. You can find all the info at the link below!

Current commission info link:…

I've also updated my tentative convention schedule for 2016 on my main page below the journal section for those interested, and the top left of my main dA page contains a handy list of links of where else to find me!

Cheers, everyone~!

EDIT 1/18

Just a heads up, I'm discontinuing a bunch of prints from my convention roster to make room for new ones! They are 11x17 inches, $15 each, and for this special sale they are buy two get one free!

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Birthday + BronyCon + A Note about Prints

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 22, 2015, 2:25 PM
Patreon Tumblr TeePublic

Hi everyone!!

First off, thank you all so much for the birthday wishes! I'm so sorry I haven't been able to respond to every one of you- recently Steve and I moved into a new house and on top of that had to take two trips to LA, so it's been a busy busy month! My birthday was actually spent driving back from our second LA trip- because the day before we were at a party with M.A. Larson, G.M. Berrow, Amy Keating Rogers, Cindy Morrow, and Lauren Faust!! (Talk about incredible schedule timing, right?)

Second- it's two weeks to BronyCon! I'm preparing as quickly as I can- you can find me at Booth #432! I'm going to have a ton of new prints since my last couple of conventions, both pony and non-pony! For a list of my current available prints, you can check this folder of my gallery!

I'll also be bringing one of the Project: Create scrolls for the charity auction- it comes signed by a number of MLP show staff, writers, VAs, comic artists, as well as Bonnie Zacherle and Lauren Faust! For more details on Project: Create, click the image below:

Project: Create by LeekFish

That's about it for now- see you guys in Baltimore!


This was very recently an issue for me, so I want to make a couple notes for those looking to purchase prints of my work. Some of you may know that at a recent pony convention, a vendor was selling copies of my work (using lower-resolution, watermarked files from my gallery) without my knowledge. So just as a "buyer beware" I want to make a few notes about my prints:

1. I DO NOT authorize others to sell my work on my behalf. I have shops on TeePublic, RedBubble, and Gumroad, but for the most part prints and wall scrolls can only be purchased through me or trusted friends at MY convention booth. There's a convention list above the comments section on my deviantART page.

2. Watermarks are NEVER present on my prints/merchandise. If you see "LeekFish '15" or something similar on a printed copy, it's NOT authentic. Unfortunately I will be getting more aggressive with my watermarking as a result of the incident- it pains me because I feel it takes away from the art, but I have to protect my work. It's my livelihood.

3. All of my prints, especially more recent works, are printed at a high resolution. See pixelation or JPEG artifacts? It's a fake.

Thank you for reading! If you ever see my work being sold somewhere that's not my booth or personal shops, please let me know immediately. Thanks all! <3

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Sketchbook PDF Pack for Sale + Daily Deviation!

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 6, 2015, 3:30 PM
Patreon Tumblr TeePublic

Hi all!

First, I hopped online this morning to find a crazy ton of messages- as it turns out, my piece "Bearer of Dawn" was featured as a Daily Deviation! Thanks so much to Pascua-Tanya for the suggestion and TheCreativeJenn for the feature- I'm beyond flattered and it was quite the nice surprise!! :heart:

Bearer of Dawn by LeekFish

And thank you all for the kind messages as well- I apologize if I can't answer them all but I do read them!

And secondly, I just launched a huge Pay What You Want sketchbook PDF pack called "Odds and Ends" and I hope you all check it out and enjoy! It's got a TON of sketches, process breakdowns, concept sketches, etc. in one convenient package. There's also a premium edition which is PWYW with a minimum of $10- it comes with two additional folio PDFs!

Odds and Ends Sketchfolio Pack by LeekFish

Click the image above to find some preview images and more info! If it does well I might make a physical copy art book to bring to conventions and sell online!

That's about it for now- also a friendly reminder that there's a bunch of links on my main dA page so you can easily find me on other sites too! :heart:

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Sketch Commissions- CLOSED (Plus Conventions)

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 24, 2015, 1:44 PM
Patreon Tumblr TeePublic

Hi guys! Been neglecting to update this journal so now's a good time, huh?

First off, I'll be doing some convention traveling these next couple weekends so I've decided to open up sketch commissions!

Prices start at $20 for basic sketches (such as ponies and simplistic characters) and increase based on complexity/how much time I anticipate spending on your commission. If you're on my Patreon with a pledge of $10+, you also get a 20% discount taken off the total price.

To see a handful of examples, please see this tumblr post!

To get a sketch commission slot email me at leekfish at hotmail dot com with what you'd like and any necessary character references!

Second, I've been keeping an updated list of conventions I'll be at this year on my main dA page near the comments section! My next convention where I'll have a table is BABSCon in San Francisco, so if you'll be there do come say hello! There's also a folder in my gallery for an updated list of all the prints I'll be selling, so please do take a look!

I'm really excited for this year's convention season, and I look forward to seeing/meeting a lot of you guys! Cheers, all. :heart:

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Pardon the Uploads- Gallery Organization

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 29, 2014, 11:17 PM
Patreon Tumblr TeePublic

Hey peeps! Sorry for the influx of art submissions, I was tidying up my gallery (yay folders!) and realized I had some current convention prints and some charity artwork missing from my gallery. The Current Convention Prints folder in particular is useful for those who might want to preview/plan ahead for conventions and such, and the Charity Work folder is mostly just for my records as well as for anyone who's curious, I suppose.

My convention season is finally wrapping up, and my next convention will be SacAnime, held the first weekend in January. I'll hopefully be posting overstock print and decal sales online sometime within the next couple of weeks- I just need some time to settle back down and recover from craziness. :)

As a heads up though, Patreon folks always get first dibs on everything, from pre-orders to commissions, to first looks at new artwork- so I'd highly suggest checking out Patreon rewards!

My next MLP convention won't be until BABSCon (April) so expect to see a lot more anime/cartoon/game related art from me instead- any MLP stuff will likely be limited to commissions for a while. :)

That's about it for now. Just wanted to provide some updates on happenings and such! Cheers!

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Discontinued Prints + Nightmare Nights Dallas

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 17, 2014, 1:24 PM
Patreon Tumblr TeePublic

Hey all!

First as a heads up, I've discontinued the following prints:
The "Dark Harmony" series:…
"Great Power" (Trixie):…
The "Monochromatic" series:…
"Monochrome Beats" (Vinyl Scratch):…
(To clarify, that is a total of 16 individual prints!)

I've given Patreon peeps first dibs and discounts on ordering, and now I'm opening what's left to the public!

Here's the inventory count of the remaining prints as of this post:
Self-Expression: SOLD OUT
Monochromatic Pinkie Pie: SOLD OUT
Mono Fluttershy: SOLD OUT
Monochrome Vinyl: SOLD OUT
Mono Applejack: 4 left 3
Mono Twilight: 9 left
Mono Rarity: 3 left 2
Objectives: 5 left
Trixie: 1 left (Update: Now SOLD OUT)
Dark Harmony Twilight: 7 (Update: 6)
Dark Pinkie: 14 (Lesson learned kids, don't misplace your prints, forget how many you have, and then restock)
Dark Fluttershy: 6
Dark RD: 7 (Update: Now 6)
Dark Rarity: 12
Dark Applejack: 14

To order, email leekfish at hotmail dot com with the subject line "Discontinued Prints" and let me know which ones you would like. Prints are $5 each, and add another $5 for shipping (or tell me if you'd like your prints brought to Nightmare Nights next weekend for pickup instead.)

Speaking of Nightmare Nights Dallas, I'll be back again this year and in the vendor hall! I'll also be bringing the Fluttershy charity print, signed by the lovely Andrea Libman. An updated compilation of all current convention prints can be found here, and there's also some others currently only viewable on Patreon. :) I'll hopefully post more info soon! It's been a busy month. :heart:

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Hi peeps! Felt it was time to make one of these. If there's a question you'd like answered, please either leave a comment on this journal or direct it to my page

Q: Do you take requests/Will you draw my OC for me?
I don't take requests. Ever. Sorry!

Q: Okay, so do you take commissions?
Typically if you want to guarantee a commission slot your best bet is through my Patreon. Often only sketch commissions will be open when I'm traveling and such! I usually announce when commissions are open first on Twitter and then shortly afterward on dA or tumblr. Just keep an eye out!

Q: What about commissions for freelance work/contract work/concept art/published works/etc?
Email me at leekfish at hotmail dot com, since I can answer inquiries about these on a case by case basis. :)

Q: Would you be interested in making/contributing art to [charity event/auction/etc]?
This is another case-by-case question, but chances are if you're a convention or someone seeking prizes for auctions/raffles I'll likely need to decline, since I'm usually overbooked on charity work as it is. For 2014 I created a current total of 14 charity pieces- and that's just if I'm not forgetting anything! Please understand that I contribute whenever possible but I'm very very VERY busy as it is! :heart:

Q: What tools/software do you use?
For digital work, I primarily use a 13HD Wacom Cintiq with Photoshop CS6 and Manga Studio 5. I also dabble in traditional mediums, in which case most often I use Faber Castell ink pens, Prismacolor colored pencils, and Copic markers. Depends on what I'm working on!

Q: How do you make your prints?
Currently, I print from home on my Epson Stylus R2000 on Epson Luster Photo Paper. When I first started doing conventions I had prints done at Office Max/Depot on light cardstock, but I've also heard CatPrint recommended.

Q: Can I draw your OC(s)?
Um, yes!! Seriously, I never understood why people feel they need to ask- I love seeing others draw my characters. As long as you credit me for the character design and you're not selling it, we cool. :heart:

Q: So... why the username "LeekFish"?
it's really not all that interesting of a story- once upon a time Christina got nicknamed Fish for a while because of a really stupid inside joke and just kinda rolled with it. Later she combined it with fandom junk (Hatsune Miku's "character item" is a leek/spring onion) and decided "that's so ridiculous I have to have it" and here we are
Hey peeps!

Wanted to let you guys know about a couple of things- first off, for the next three days (or I think roughly 2 and a half at this exact moment) I have a Derpy shirt design on TeePublic for just $14!

Runaway by LeekFish

Once time is up, it'll still be there, but for $20 instead. (That's how they roll I guess!) I'll hopefully be ordering one for myself soon. -@;

Secondly, ending TOMORROW at noon PST is the auction for this one of a kind, original colored pencil Rainbow Dash piece!

Pirate Rainbow Dash comic cover (Sold!) by LeekFish

And lastly, sketch commissions are currently OPEN; see some examples on my tumblr here!
  • Prices start at approximately $15 - $20 per character.
  • Patreon supporters get priority, and $10+ Patrons receive a 20% discount!
  • Photos/Scans of finished sketches will be sent to you, and original physical copies will be available for pickup at any convention I attend (see my deviantART for a frequently-updated convention roster!)

Email leekfish at hotmail dot com with character references/details for a price quote, and payment can be sent via Paypal to the same email!

That's about it for now. Thanks all! <3

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Hey all! First up, I've currently got an eBay auction going for my very last limited edition 8x11 metallic "Fight like a Girl" print which you can find here.

There were only 16 made, all of which are signed and numbered. They've all have been gifted/sold already, so this is your last chance to get one! Currently up for auction is edition #2, which is my good friend CatWhitney's copy that she has decided to sell in order to help make ends meet. Edition #16 will then be offered to the next highest bidder.

Fight like a Girl by LeekFish

Secondly, I've had a lot of questions about online sales for prints and decals!! I'm currently settling into a new apartment and getting my car fixed and whatnot, plus I have classes starting soon, so as you all can imagine things are pretty busy (as usual.) That said, I'm hoping to offer some online print sales within the next couple of weeks or so. As for decals, I'm nearly totally out of stock, so I'll probably wait until after Nightmare Nights in October, since I'll have them restocked by then. It also allows me some extra time to finish decals of other characters, both pony and non-pony! I'll post again when I'm ready to start taking pre-orders. :)

And then lastly, please be sure to check out my Patreon! In addition to being able to see new artwork way early, there's also some nice rewards for backers, such as sketch raffles and commissions, and soon an exclusive print. $25+ Patrons also have first dibs on pre-orders and such! :)

That's about it for now- thanks everyone! :heart:
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Come visit me at BronyCon- Vendor Booth #303! by LeekFish

Come visit me in the BronyCon vendor hall, table #303!

Hey guys! Here's some previews and updates I've been working on in preparation for BronyCon. Or just read the summary below! Link's got more photos and sparkly stuff though.

Charity Auction:

  • "Dazzle," the fourth in my charity auction exclusive "Rainbow" series, this time featuring Rarity! One of a kind, embellished with Swarovski crystals, and will be signed by voice actress Tabitha St. Germain prior to the auction.
  • Collaborative 6 Shadowbox set constructed by The-Paper-Pony ; I made Pinkie Pie's!
  • One of a kind special edition Brony Cookbook, cover art by yours truly!
  • A super secret charity auction project that will be revealed first to my Patreon supporters this Friday (7/25) and then publicly 8/1 during BronyCon. Get hype!

Bronycon 14 Charity Auction Pinkie Pie Shadowbox by The-Paper-Pony

Other new neat stuff and updates!

  • One of a kind Princess Luna piece, embellished with Swarovski crystals, for silent auction at my table
  • Official 11x17 FlufflePuff prints inspired by the P.F.U.D.O.R. animation!
  • Convention exclusive Daring Do postcard, which comes free with the purchase of 2 prints!
  • All prints, past and present, pony and non-pony, including the new Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash print and the upcoming “mugshots” print shown on Twitter
  • Vinyl decals have all been restocked and now with the addition of Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo!
  • #HorseFamous and Not #HorseFamous badge ribbons are restocked!

P.F.U.D.O.R. by LeekFishReunion by LeekFish

That’s about the gist of it- hope to see you guys there! <3

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Hey peeps! Not a whole lot of updates at the moment (don't have the green light to announce EVERYTHING new yet!) but I'll be at TrotCon this weekend! I'll have a new Rarity print (which is also doubling as a new contest entry for WeLoveFine's MLP contest) that's not posted here yet, and I've also restocked vinyl decals, prints... and I'll have some fun ribbons you can attach to your convention badge that say "#HorseFamous" and "Not #HorseFamous" for giggles. I'll be at Table #4- come say hello!

Come visit me at TrotCon! by LeekFish

Also, I'll have something special in TrotCon's charity auction this year, the second in a "Rainbow Power" themed print series, this time featuring Applejack! She's embellished with Swarovski crystals for some extra sparkle, matted, and signed by Ashleigh Ball!

Freckles by LeekFish

If you're also vending, I hope we have the chance to chat and trade prints and whatnot! Love meeting my fellow artists. :heart:

That's about it... for now. ;P See you guys in Columbus!
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Hey all!

For those that haven't heard, I've got an amazing THIRD win in WeLoveFine's My Little Pony contest! This time it's my Derpy design! If you'd like one, I encourage you all to grab it!! <3 Thank you all so much for your support!

And be sure to give my previous two winning designs some love too. <3
Choose Your Pony- Now available from WeLoveFine! by LeekFish

I've also still got my Flutterbat piece in the rating pool, so if you guys could vote 5 stars on that it'd be super awesome!

Fresh Ink by LeekFish
Next, I'll be at FanimeCon this weekend in the Artist Alley at Table #416!

Come visit me at FanimeCon Artist Alley Table 416! by LeekFish

All my usual pony and Adventure Time prints are back, and I've also got a bunch of new prints I've been working on over the last month!

The Summoner by LeekFishCelestial by LeekFishThe Sound of Rain by LeekFishShine like a Gem by LeekFishCookie Cat by LeekFishPoro by LeekFish

As a bonus, if you spend $20 or more you get one of these convention exclusive postcards for free!

80's Dazzle by LeekFish Fire Ruby by LeekFish Fight Club by LeekFish

Hope to see some of you guys there!!
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Hey all! More good news for you guys- In case you haven't heard, my BABSCon shirt is available from WeLoveFine until May 9th! Click here to get one- better hurry!!

Also available are my contest-winning shirt designs, "Fight like a Girl" and "Choose Your Pony!"
Choose Your Pony- Now available from WeLoveFine! by LeekFish

And if you haven't voted for my remaining contest entries, please do so!!
Fresh Ink by LeekFish<da:thumb id="430428978"/>

Now that that's covered, next announcement! I will be joining the Kallisti IV Livestream for charity this weekend! I'll be drawing on Saturday from 12 - 1 pm and 8 - 8:30 PST, during Nicole Oliver and M.A. Larson's interviews! Click here for more info! (Also please note that as far as I'm aware, any requests during that stream will be pre-screened and limited to canon characters only!)

I also plan on streaming doodle commissions this Friday and Saturday- probably at about 5 pm PST both days! I'll definitely announce on Twitter when the stream is live, and possibly here as well. Here's your heads up, though! If you would like a doodle commission, I will only be taking them during the stream and it will be a minimum of $5 (quick character headshot) to $10 (simple full-body character doodle) per request. The difference between these and my usual sketch commissions is that they'll be done digitally on the fly, and thus much less refined (and there won't be a physical copy you can pick up from me at a con.) So it's basically quality sketch commissions (slightly more expensive but nicer) vs. simple doodles/sketches done while you watch (cheaper but messier.) I hope that makes sense and don't hesitate to ask me any questions!

My Livestream can be found here!!

That's about it! Thanks again for the love and support, everyone. <3
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Hey all-

Been getting a lot of concerned questions and comments from a lot of you, and of course plenty of you formed an angry mob earlier- I appreciate you all coming to my defense and I'm very, very thankful to have such a strong, loyal support system. Honestly, it means a lot! You guys are fantastic and it feels great to have friends and followers who really care about me and have my best interests at heart. However, I've been seeing a teensy bit of overreacting; a boycott really, really isn't necessary, guys. It hurts both WLF and me, since I need a following that will be supportive and positive (and... y'know, buy stuff) if I want to have my work picked up by a company. Yes, there was a bit of unprofessional behavior- on both sides. It's definitely a bad PR move to ignore/delete questions and concerns from social media pages, but had I realized what an issue the situation apparently was and how upset folks were (my knee-jerk reaction tends to be to just laugh it off, especially with how full of drama the MLP community can be at times), I certainly would have done more to try and calm everyone down before things got so out of hand- I apologize. I was upset, of course, but I didn't tell anyone to start a massive boycott (or any kind of shitstorm for that matter.) However, I am not one to go about silencing others' opinions, especially when it involves the treatment of artists, so initially I wasn't paying it much attention and just retweeting things that folks should be generally aware of. I was not intending to pick any fights- I don't like burning bridges. By that point I had intended to merely cut my losses, move on, and keep drawing. And then the Fire Nation attacked the explosion happened. Eesh.

So that said, let me fill you all in.

WeLoveFine has in fact reached out to me to sort things out. It's certainly appreciated, and the representative that I've been communicating with is very pleasant. :) We're still sorting some stuff out, so please sit tight and I'll update you guys when I can. Things I can confirm thus far:

-The BABSCon shirt is being looked into. The person in charge of that has been away, so we're still waiting for her to return so we can sort that out. It's likely that there was a dropped ball somewhere, since it is convention season and thus a busy time for everyone and these things happen. That's not to say that it isn't still upsetting, but we're working on it. Breathe, guys! Fingers crossed that we can still get the design printed.

-My missing check for my second winning contest entry "Choose Your Pony" was never cashed, so they've cancelled it and will be sending out a new one this week. Problem solved, everyone chill!

-Regarding the sudden "rule change" in which an artist can only win twice at most: apparently that went out due to a miscommunication. The rule was never approved by their contest coordinator and went out prematurely. Some of the WeLoveFine staff has discussed it and declared the rule unnecessary and invalid, and thus SambaNeko and I are once again eligible to win. The contest ratings are not a popularity contest, and I think I can speak for both of us when I say that we want to be judged on the merit and quality of our work, not our names.

That's about it at the moment. So, all of that said, kindly put down the pitchforks and take a deep breath, peeps. I love you all and I was honestly a bit surprised to see so many of you get so riled up on my behalf. It wasn't my intent, and I know WLF had no malicious intent either. This just got blown out of proportion.

So, what can you guys do?

If you want to show support, do so in a POSITIVE way! Throwing around hate and negative feelings usually isn't the way to go. If you want to support my work, I suggest heading over to my Patreon page, buying a print or two from me at con, and purchasing one of my contest-winning shirts from WeLoveFine. Vocalize that you LIKE my work, that you ENJOY seeing it and wearing it on tees, and that you want to see MORE of it! POSITIVE stuff! There needs to be more of that. Being negative isn't good for anyone. This whole thing has been quite the stressful mess, to be blunt.
Choose Your Pony- Now available from WeLoveFine! by LeekFish
I'm not after profit (the prize money is my payment for these two shirts, I don't get paid extra for shirt sales on these) but buying the shirts is a good way to show support- it tells WeLoveFine that you guys like my stuff and want to see more, and it also tells me what you guys like to see (and would buy). Money really doesn't matter much to me- I just want to create and be able to make a living so that I can create more. :heart:

Also, with the rule change invalidated and out the window, that means my current entries are eligible to win- if you like them, please go vote for them! Don't forget to go support the other artists too though, there's some FANTASTIC competition!
Fresh Ink by LeekFish

That about sums it up for now. Will keep you all posted on happenings. Thanks again, everyone. :heart:
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Hey peeps! A huge thank you to everyone that came out to BABSCon and stopped by my table. It was great to see so many friends and followers, and I had a total blast!

A lot of people have been asking me what happened to the WeLoveFine shirt I designed as a BABSCon exclusive, and once again I deeply apologize- I know a lot of you were excited about that shirt and wanted one (I know I certainly wanted one!), and I feel awful for the disappointment. In short, what happened was that I of course designed the shirt, sent it off after receiving approval from BABSCon, about a month later WeLoveFine said they received approval from Hasbro (said approval was received about late February) and was going to be bringing the design on a men's/unisex tee. I later received an email inquiring about payment, and I was offered a 10% commission on the net sale for each of the BABS exclusive shirts. However, the shirt wasn't printed, and explanations have been inconsistent and more or less all over the place. I honestly don't know what happened to it, and was crushed when I found out. Despite it being out of my hands, I feel awful, and apologize to you all.

Secondly, WeLoveFine also recently stated that they've implemented a new rule stating that an artist cannot win more than twice, thus disqualifying myself and the fantastic SambaNeko from the remainder of the contest. Though I understand the rule, I cannot deny that I'm disappointed and see the sudden rule change mid-contest (and without notifying us) as perhaps a little unprofessional. Regardless, I cannot thank you all enough for your support, and I hope you all enjoy my two winning shirts. <3
Choose Your Pony- Now available from WeLoveFine! by LeekFish

Now that that's stated though, I'd like to go onto a much lighter note: I launched a Patreon, which can be found here! If you like my work and want to keep supporting it (and receive some neat perks as thanks!) this is for you. It allows you to pledge a monthly amount; even a little bit helps and is greatly appreciated! I'm also open to suggestions for possible additional perks, and am mostly just testing out the waters right now. One idea I had was to release some sort of art pack/art book if I get enough pledges to afford to do so! <3

I've also been getting a LOT of questions regarding commissions lately. I don't take them often, but when I do I try my best to not short-sell myself; undercharging is a huge problem with the art community, so perhaps my prices might seem high to some of you. Sketches will typically start at $15 - $20 and for full color and shading I'd likely charge at least $75 - $100 minimum. Like many artists, I put a lot of love and care into my work, and I need to be able to pay the bills and such! If I'm taking time away from my own personal art to create something for you, I need to make sure it's worth my time, skill, and effort. <3 Whenever I open commissions, it's usually on Twitter (LeekFish) and now Patreon supporters will likely get first dibs even before Twitter followers, so those are the best places to check!

Thanks for the love, everyone- it truly means a lot to me. <3 Keep being awesome!
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